Next Level Innovations Self Study

The purpose of the self study is to introduce your church to the innovation weekend team.

  • Where have you been?
  • What do you do now?
  • How do you share Jesus with your community?

Please compile self study documents for the Weekend Innovation Team. Please submit either as a single packet or a single USB stick that will be returned.  DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS AND CHECKLIST.

These materials are DUE to the District Office no later than 1 Month prior to your Innovations Weekend.


  Required Documents

(Download the Self Study Document HERE to find this information in PDF form–including a checklist for required materials.)


  • 2-3 recent bulletins from this year
  • Newsletter samples (print and electronic) from the past year
  • List of Social Media Accounts
  • Communications Plan, if you have one

  Church Involvement

  •  Lay leadership roster (committees and teams)
  • Real Discipleship Survey Results*
  • Chart of church structure and how committees/teams relate

*Completed 14 days prior to weekend by at least 25% of congregation
Real Discipleship information for Clergy/Administrators (those SETTING UP and Monitoring the survey): Admin Instructions
Real Discipleship information for church participants (those TAKING the survey): Participant Instructions

  Pastors and Staff

  • List of pastors and years served from past 20 years
  • Church staff for the past 20 years (with years served & position/title)
  • Staff organizational chart  Don’t forget this one

  Mission Insite Data

  • Full Insite report (will be provided by District Office)
  • Church attendee database sent to District Office
  • Comparative Index Report (requires church database information you provide to Michelle)

  Preschool Information

  • Explain the relationship between the church and the preschool. (Ownership, operation, financial subsidiary)
  • Explain the connection that preschool families have to the church.

  10 years of statistics

  •  Average worship attendance
  • Professions of Faith
  • # of small groups
  • Giving to missions, church budget, church debt

  Financial Information

  •  Detailed Church Budget for past two years
  • Giving Calculations


  •  Brief church history (3-5 pages)

  Self Study

  •  Self Study Summary
    (Completed by the entire team after reviewing all materials.) DOWNLOAD

Self Study Documents